01 Logotype

Logotype is a text that is a brand name that can bring out the identity of Reality Reflection. When using the logotype, one must follow the rules and regulations and prevent distortion and misusage.

Also, one must enlarge or reduce the logo in direct proportion in order to prevent distortion.

02 Logotype Grid System

Gridsystem was established to keep the identity of the logotype. Direct proportion is necessary while sizing when using as a watermark

03 Symbol Mark

04 Signature

Bond Type of the Symbol and the Logotype
Minimum Size Standard 20mm

05 Expansion - Symbol

Increased the scalability by changing the RR symbol

RR logotype can only be transformed and used in the designated spot and must the logotype’s location and size written below

06 Color System

The colors of RR is an important source that configures the identity of RR, so because of this an exact color application is necessary. The expression of the color needs to be spot colors, but due to the applicated media’s characteristics print expression is to be used while the 4 primary color is applied. In case of using the 4 primary colors, the color closest to the designated Pantone Color should be selected and applied to the application of the color other than the printing medium.

Passion Red

RGB : 238 / 72 / 62
CMYK : 0 / 87 / 80 / 0


RGB : 255 / 255 / 255
CMYK : 0 / 0 / 0 / 0


RGB : 54 / 179 / 231
CMYK : 66 / 11 / 0 / 0


RGB : 0 / 0 / 0
CMYK : 75 / 68 / 67 / 90

07 Typeface

Reality Reflection’s English / Korean designated fonts are designated to be in harmony with the millimill logo type in purpose of expressing a consistent identity, so either one can be selected according to the nature and content of the medium.

This is used for titles of various transmission media, captions of publications and texts, and when selecting a font, this designated font is given priority, but other similar fonts can be used depending on the characteristics of the medium.